The Ostrovnaya is a river near the east coast of the Kamchatka Territory. It originates in the spurs of the active volcanoes Dzendzur and Zhupanovsky.

Upstream, the Ostrovnaya lies on the border of the Natural Park Nalychevo, famous for its unique unspoilt nature. With the length of about 80 km, the maximum width of 30-40 metres, and the maximum depth of 2.5 km, this river features a mixed terrain with mountains and tundra.

The mountainous upstream part with a rapid flow changes to a tranquil, streaming flow twenty kilometres before it joins the Pacific Ocean. Therefore, angling can be done from the shore or from rafts, and it can be spin or fly fishing.

The fishing section of the river is about 30 km long and is situated downstream. The Ostrovnaya is abundant in salmon fishes: coho, chinook, sockeye, pink, and chum.

A cosy two-storey fishing lodge in the fishing camp is at your service.

The first floor has two bedrooms with two beds in each, a small hall and a kitchen; the second floor offers a large guest room with a partition and two double beds.

The lodge has a toilet, a fridge, and two kinds of stoves for heating: a wood and a kerosene stove. Four more folding beds can be put up without sacrificing a comfortable stay.

The other lodge of the fishing camp can accommodate four people.


  1. Three meals a day;
  2. Guide;
  3. Staff care;
  4.  Boats.

Security is ensured thanks to satellite communications. The fishing camp also has a kitchen, a banya with a recreation room, an administrative building, a toilet.

Transfer options include:

  • Mi-2 helicopters (travel time: 30 min, up to 3 people);
  • Mi-8 helicopters (travel time: 30 min, 3+ people);
  • Ural combination bus (travel time: 10 to 12 hours);
  • Boats and speedboats (travel time: 6 to 8 hours);
  • Snowmobiles (in winter; travel time: 4 hours).

Cost: Calculated individually
Duration: 3-10 days
Tour dates: May-October
Number of tourists: From 1 to 12 people

Training level: amateur and advanced anglers. Beginners can rent fishing gear.